Bennett and Bennett Inc.

Better yields and increased efficiency, drip by drip
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Dave Gushee

Drip irrigation has fast become the standard and leading methodology for efficient water usage and the best way to apply fertilizers directly to where a plant needs it most: at the root. Bennett and Bennett Inc. has been leading the way in drip irrigation technology, installation, supplies and techniques for nearly nine decades.

Based in Lemoore, California, the family-owned company designs and installs tens of thousands of acres of highly efficient drip irrigation systems every year, from the Imperial Valley to Sacramento and all throughout the Central Valley. Producers have grown to trust Bennett & Bennett to help maximize water savings while increasing yields, especially through the recent drought that has plagued the region.

From trees to vines and row crops, Bennett & Bennett’s trained and experienced irrigation engineers are experts in California crop varieties, delivering a uniform design and a 100 percent guaranteed installation. But even before modern irrigation practices, Bennett & Bennett has been there for California’s farmers.

From concrete pipe to modern innovation

“The company was formed in 1928 by my great-grandfather, Lon Bennett, and his brother,” shares Tyler Bennett, fourth generation and now president of Bennett & Bennett. “Lon started the business using concrete irrigation pipelines to meet the high demand for area vineyards and raisin crops. Since then, much has changed, but we’re still family-owned.”

In 1970, Tyler’s father, Gary Bennett, assumed ownership of the company and turned Bennett & Bennett from a concrete pipeline manufacturer to a full-service irrigation engineering and construction company.

Today, Bennett & Bennett is a leader in the Central Valley in innovative agricultural technology, including drip and micro irrigation. “We now offer a complete line of irrigation services, including system design, installation and repair,” shares Tyler.

In addition, Bennett & Bennett also serves Central California’s dairy industry with flush systems and manure water pipeline and transfer systems. “From adding or repairing an existing system to laying the groundwork for a new one, Bennett & Bennett has retail store facilities at both our Selma and Lemoore locations,” notes Tyler. “We can fill all of our customers irrigation parts needs.”

Bennett & Bennett serves a range of area producers that grow everything from fruit trees to nuts, alfalfa to tomatoes, garlic and onions to grapes. “Our main focus is on large-scale commercial agricultural drip irrigation projects,” explains Tyler. “We’re currently working on several large pistachio, almond and vineyard plantings throughout California.”

Reduce, reuse and recycle

The company is also performing drip irrigation design and installation for a 400-plus acre alfalfa farm. “There’s a good 1,000 to 2,000 alfalfa acres on drip in our area and we’ve already irrigated at least 75 percent of it,” details Tyler. “Using drip irrigation for alfalfa crops can yield an additional 20 percent and save on water at the same time.”

Bennett & Bennett also offers tail water return systems where water from a flood irrigation pipeline flows to the bottom of a field and is recycled. With a drainage and pump system designed by Bennett & Bennett, the excess water is recycled and pumped back to the high end of the field to be repurposed. “Our goal is always to deliver higher yields while saving resources,” adds Tyler.

While Bennett & Bennett has expanded to serve a range of farmers’ needs, the company remains family-owned and community-centered. In summer 2014, the company received the Excellence in Agriculture honor by the Selma Chamber of Commerce.

“We’re active in our communities,” says Tyler. “We donated to the Selma Police K-9 Program, so that the program can have the equipment and support to be successful.”

Bennett & Bennett has also helped Selma Cancer Support, enabling the organization to help local cancer patients.

“It is an honor to receive this award,” shares Tyler. “We’ve been working with the city of Selma for over 80 years. Everyone in the city and the Chamber of Commerce has treated us with a high level of respect. It’s really an honor that they thought of us for this.”

For Bennett & Bennett, it’s more than just doing business; it is also about building on relationships that have been going for decades. “We’ve also been nominated business of the year in our community several times because of the relationships that our team develops with our customers,” Tyler says with pride.

At the end of the day and throughout the season, Bennett & Bennett is recognized because the family company is in California to support area producers. A leader in drip irrigation innovation and design, Bennett and Bennett Inc. is cutting down on water waste and improving the bottom line for growers.

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