Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply: Supporting Local Agriculture

Ed Grangetto Sr. founded Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply (Grangetto’s) in 1952, selling crop oils and fertilizers to local farmers. As the market grew regionally, Ed Sr. expanded Grangetto’s inventory to include even more products for growers, including farm chemicals and hardware. As the region continued to change, Grangetto’s adapted to change with the market. For instance in the 1980s, the company began offering a variety of products suited for golfers, landscapers, nurseries and homeowners, in addition to expanding Grangetto’s line to include irrigation supplies.

Years later Ed Sr. retired in 1982, leaving the family business to his two sons, Edward Jr. and Kevin. “We’re the second generation,” says Kevin, president and CEO of Grangetto’s. “Our longevity is really starting to show through after 60 years in business. We have a lot of long-term customers who appreciate our high level of service and the quality of our products.”

Products and Services

Grangetto’s offers all that both a do-it-yourselfer and professional needs for planning, irrigating, planting, maintaining and harvesting. The brothers share a commitment to environmental stewardship, ensuring Grangetto’s offers several organic and all-natural items from seeds and soil to rainwater harvesting systems. Lighting, hardware, fabrics, pest and fungus protection products, even rain gear are available through the supplier in a range of all-natural and standard options.

The company offers a variety of services outside the common zone of customer relations, as clients can take advantage of workshops and training, as well as consultation services. Grangetto’s also offers commercial and wholesale accounts for its business customers. Because irrigation needs have presented challenges in recent years, the brothers are working on several initiatives to cut back on water usage while supporting the sustained growth of neighbors and customers alike. In addition, Edward Jr. is the founder of the Escondido Growers for Agricultural Preservation (EGAP), a nonprofit that has teamed up with local growers to use recycled water. In partnership with EGAP, Grangetto’s once again demonstrates industry leadership.

Grangetto’s has also been working to encourage customers to utilize rainwater harvesting to supplement traditional irrigation systems. “We’ve been doing a lot with that for the last few years,” says Kevin. “We frequently hold workshops to help residents and landscapers work to conserve and recycle water.” Kevin then asks, “Would you believe that 1 inch of rainfall on a 1000-square foot roof can yield 600 gallons of water?”

Grangetto’s is also helping customers work toward greener gardening. “We help people to work toward edible landscaping,” says Kevin. “It’s easier than people think to grow your own vegetables. We have workshops throughout the year that teach people how to plant efficient and sustainable vegetable gardens.”

Growing food is a shared passion for the brothers. “Before I came back to the family business, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to get into,” Kevin explains of his varied experiences. “I studied accounting, pharmacology and then entomology. Eventually I earned a bachelor of science degree in entomology from the University of California at Riverside [UCR] in 1984) and a masters degree in pest management from UCR in 1985. I have a lot of experience in all phases of the business from the accounting department to the sales end. My dad always gave us the opportunity to work here without any pressure. Edward and I both worked on the farm since we were kids. We learned that you’re never handed anything, but you have to work for it. If you’re willing to work, good things will happen.”

Something to Celebrate

In 2012, Grangetto’s is celebrating 60 years in business. A family philosophy of hard work has paid off in customer and employee loyalty, as well as sustained success in business. The company now operates out of four locations, and the team utilizes an additional 80 acres to grow citrus and avocado trees.

“Edward and his wife, Karen, manage the farm and make a great team,” explains Kevin. “Edward consults with the larger farm and grove management companies that form the backbone of our company.”

It is evident that the brothers work well together, and are proud of what their father started many years ago. “We’re celebrating our history with a company party,” says Kevin. “Many of our employees have been with us for over 30 years and we want to thank them.” In addition to the company celebration, each of the stores will host an event with a small barbecue to thank both long-term and new customers for such loyal business.

The future of Grangetto’s holds endless possibilities. “We’ll continue to grow,” Kevin says with confidence. “We’d like to open one or two locations in the area.” The green initiatives are also expanding, as Grangetto’s loyal customers embrace the changes as well.

Martha, Kevin’s wife and co-owner of Grangetto’s, also plays a crucial role in the family business. The couple has three children, and Kevin is proud to say there is a possibility that they will stay involved in the family business as well. “We have a whole generation we can influence going forward,” he laughs. “60 more years would be great.”

As the family business diversifies and expands, innovative products and initiatives are constantly coming down the pipeline. Grangetto’s has built strong relationships with customers, employers and suppliers that will continue to support the business’ growth.

“Our customers, suppliers and colleagues have been with us a long time,” Kevin explains. “We really pride ourselves on offering stellar service and just treating people well.” We have been blessed by the Lord to have this responsibility and truly consider the business as a blessing to our family and the employees, clients and vendors that we serve.” The Grangetto’s business is more than a farm store, Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply is a family legacy, which Kevin, Edward and the rest of the family will continue to support with passion.