Volumetric Technologies Inc.

Designing and manufacturing high-quality filling machinery
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Chuck McKenna

Tim Piper founded Volumetric Technologies Inc. (VTI) in 1994 as a small business with a single customer. For two years before opening the company’s doors, Tim worked at a drafting table in his living room where he analyzed existing technology and re-engineered new equipment that would be more durable, efficient and precise. After hooking the first client, a business that still purchases equipment from VTI, the company took off. Tim and his team have built a reputation for reliability and quality that continues to grow.

Volumetric Mechanical

Today, the operation is significantly larger and the product line is much more diverse. For the past three years, Beth Piper, vice president, director of marketing and head of human resources for VTI, has been working alongside her husband.

The couple works as part of a small team of 10 employees from a single location in Cannon Falls, Minn. Together, between sales and production, the business serves clients across the world. VTI offers products for a diverse market share, including bakeries, confectionaries, dairies, food product manufacturers, condiment producers, cosmetics manufacturers and other miscellaneous sectors.

All-American products

VTI performs nearly all work in-house, with the exception of programming and a small portion of the machining work. The business is loyal to a select few strategic partners for these services. Tim and Beth keep an emphasis on supporting local and American workers, so subcontractors are nearby. All materials are sourced as locally as possible and the business builds machinery and components in-house.

The end product is a vast line of equipment, easily customized to better serve the needs of customers. Major brands such as General Mills, Hormel, CSM Bakery and Legendary Baking put VTI’s machines to work every day. While a majority of the line consists of liquid-filling machines, the company also produces cup machines, piston fillers, depositors, transfer pumps, dispensing nozzles and conveyors. The diverse product offering allows clients to build an entire plant with equipment from a single, reliable manufacturer.

Staying competitive

To keep up with demand, the business recently moved into a new facility with more space for production. A few years ago, VTI underwent a major rebranding initiative, working with Orange Cloud to develop a stronger online presence. The new website showcases each product line with complete descriptions, options, client testimonials and videos that provide in-depth information for clients looking to add a new filling machine to their line.

Tim’s goal with the rebrand was to emphasize his team’s diverse capabilities and ability to evolve with the market. “We are a creative and agile company,” he explains. “Our filling equipment sets the bar in the industry, and we needed a corporate image that better reflects our commitment to quality and ingenuity.”

A revamped image and constantly evolving line of products has kept the business in continued growth. While many industries took hits throughout the recession, VTI has remained stable and according to Beth, the company did not have to lay anyone off. Many of the company’s clients are involved in food production, a sector that is often regarded as recession-proof.

The team’s strong capabilities and innovative equipment continues to draw repeat business and new customers. VTI’s website showcases customer testimonials praising the team for professionalism, expertise and guidance. With decades of experience, Tim and his team work closely with clients to determine which products are the best fit for a new facility or upgrade and then modify components to offer better safety and efficiency in operation.

The company has a great track record and a growing fan base all over the country and beyond. Beth says the business is looking at 30 to 50 percent growth in the next year. The business is taking that revenue growth and reinvesting to expand the product line. Tim and Beth want to apply the technology to dry-good customers. The team has been attending tradeshows to promote existing products and gauge interest for the upcoming product line. The business is also upgrading its sales management system to provide more efficient and precise service than ever.

Beyond a high-quality product, VTI is focused on providing a memorable service experience to customers. “Having satisfied customers is not enough for us,” Beth explains. “We want our customers to be excited about their experience with us. We want all of our products to leave the shop on time or early and we want have a great time making it happen.”

The Piper family business provides a positive environment for both employees and clients. Customers are attracted to Volumetric Technologies Inc. again and again by an engaged staff and long-lasting, high-quality equipment.

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